Russian Navy To Deploy ‘Poseidon Nuclear Armed Drones’ To Counter US’ Threats

The Russian Navy will soon get the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone and Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile. The announcement about the addition of the Poseidon nuclear drone and Tsirkon missile was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

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According to reports, the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone is designed to be carried by submarines while the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile will be deployed on surface ships. The combination of speed, manoeuvrability, and altitude of hypersonic missiles, capable of travelling at more than five times the speed of sound, makes them difficult to track and intercept.

Speaking on Sunday in St Petersburg at an annual naval parade that showcases Russia’s best warships, nuclear submarines and naval aviation, Putin said the navy’s capabilities were growing and it would get 40 new vessels this year.

“The widespread deployment of advanced digital technologies that have no equals in the world, including hypersonic strike systems and underwater drones, will give the fleet unique advantages and increased combat capabilities,” Putin said.

The defence ministry said testing of the Belgorod, the first submarine capable of carrying the Poseidon drones, was underway and testing of the weapons systems was nearing completion. “Work is being successfully completed to create modern weapons systems for the navy,” it was cited as saying.

Previously, Putin had threatened to deploy hypersonic missiles on ships and submarines that could lurk outside US territorial waters if the United States moved to deploy intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe.

While Washington had not deployed any such missiles in Europe, Moscow fears it might. Putin has claimed that the new generation of Russian nuclear weapons will be the most advanced and be able to hit targets anywhere in the world. He also believes that a strong Russian Navy is vital to help maintain a strategic balance and global stability.