Vital to Maintain Positive Trends of the Russian Economy: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed to the importance of maintaining positive trends in the Russian economy under the threat of presence and tightening of external constraints. He stated this during a meeting with business circles and associations of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the president announced the growth of the Russian economy, noting that this creates a foundation for the future development of the country. “If GDP increased by half a percent in the first quarter, then in the second quarter, the growth rate of the economy amounted to 2.5%, and investments grew by 6.3%,” he said at a meeting with representatives of Russian business circles. This, of course, is a good foundation for future development. “

Putin added that inflation in the country is at a historically low level – less than 4%. Industrial production grew by almost 2%. “Despite certain restrictions, including external ones, the Russian economy is stabilizing,” the Russian leader said. “It is quite clear that she has emerged from the recession and is gaining momentum.”