Russian Army Delivers Massive Humanitarian Aid to Syria

Russian Army has delivered more than 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the city of Dael in Syria, which was recently liberated from the terrorists. Russian officials have delivered food packages with rice and flour, personal hygiene products and drinking water to the highly appreciative residents.

“Today we are in the inhabited community of Dael and are once again eager to help the Syrian people,” chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria Alexei Tsygankov told reporters.

“The fact that 20,000 people have returned to the city over the past week confirms that life is coming back to normal. Today the city has more than 40,000 inhabitants,” Tsygankov said, adding that before the war the city was home to 60,000 people.

Earlier, as reported by EurAsian Times, a resolution on the presence Russian Army in Syria after the end of the war will was made after considering Damascus’s position, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stated in an interview with the Israeli Media Company Kan.  “When the war on terror in Syria is completed and when there is no need to aid Syrians in the fight against terrorism, we will make a decision. Whether we are needed or whether the Syrian people and government require our support will be evaluated.