Russia To Use Nuclear-Powered Container Ship To Deliver Export Consignments to China

The Sevmorput container carrier is the only nuclear-powered cargo vessel which could be put into action to deliver export consignments to China and to import fish from the Far East. The Sevmorput container carrier is owned by Russia’s nuclear fleet authority -Atomflot

“Specialists collect applications from producers, including on fish deliveries from the Far East,” the press service said. “On return voyages, the ship could deliver products, which the Arkhangelsk Region exports to China.”

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According to experts, every month the Arkhangelsk Region fills up to 2,000 containers, which are transported by railways. This terrestrial route requires more time and handling. The Sevmorput vessel may serve the Far East destination between July and December.

In early March, the ship came for the first time to the port of Arkhangelsk. It took aboard 10,000 tonnes – equipment and construction materials for the Arctic LNG-2 project.

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The Sevmorput nuclear-powered container ship is the only nuclear-powered cargo vessel in the world. It was launched on November 2, 1984, commissioned on December 31, 1988. The nuclear power plant’s output is 29 MW (40,000 HP). The length is 260.23m, beam – 32.2m and displacement tonnage is 61,800.

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