Russia To Equip Its Su-30 Fighter Jet Missile On Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ Helicopters – Reports

The latest S-13B missile can be deployed on Sukhoi fighter jets as well as Mi-28N “Night Hunter” helicopters. This was reported to TASS by Alexander Kochkin, the executive director of NPK Tekhmash during the Army-2021 forum.

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“To use missiles on various types of carriers (fighter jets, helicopters), their registration is required – a set of special flight tests on each machine. At present, the NAR S-13 system has already been registered on the Su-24M, Su-25, Su-35, Su -30MK2, Yak-130 MiG-29BM, Mi-28N helicopter, “he said.

According to Kochkin, the new ammunition combines the capabilities of several missiles from the S-13 unguided missile (NAR) system of 122 mm caliber. Compared to the S-13T and S-13OF, the S-13B aircraft missile has a three-position initiation unit switchable before the flight task, which allows you to get instant and with two decelerations – small and large – undermining the warhead.

Mil Mi-28 - Wikipedia
Mil Mi-28 – Wikipedia

The S-13B missile has a warhead of increased power. It is intended for use as part of unguided missile armament of serial, developed and future aircraft of operational-tactical aviation, naval aviation to destroy aircraft in reinforced concrete shelters, airfield runways and other durable targets, as well as openly located vulnerable equipment and manpower.

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Earlier at MAKS-2021 expo, Tecmash presented its latest S-13B increased effectiveness multipurpose unguided missile.

“The S-13B increased effectiveness unguided aviation missile has united capabilities of several missiles of the S-13 122mm missile family – the S-13T and S-13OF, well known in Russia and abroad. Thanks to its multi-functionality, this product is promising for shipment not only to the internal market but also abroad,” Kochkin told TASS.

He explained that the S-13B missile has a concrete-penetrating warhead of enhanced power. It is designed for use on serial planes, planes currently in design and future models of tactical and naval aviation for the destruction of planes in reinforced concrete shelters, airstrips and other sturdy targets, as well as the destruction of vulnerable vehicles and infantry on open ground.