Russia Ready To Support India Against Cross-Border Terrorism From Pakistan

Russia has extended its support to India for counter-terror operations in order to check cross-border attacks primarily emanating from Pakistan. Russian Security Council assistant secretary will discuss with his Indian counterpart about Pulwama terror strike and issues related to cross border terrorism, said the sources.

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In order to coordinate in counter-terror action, Russian Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev’s communicated with Indian NSA Ajit Doval. Russia Security Council assistant secretary, Venediktov will be the first top official amongst United Nations five permanent members council to visit India after the deadly Pulwama attack.

India’s national security advisor and the US and French counterparts have already discussed coordinating responses against cross-border attacks.

The Russian government press release stated, “Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Alexander Venediktov held a working meeting with the Indian national security advisor – Ajit Doval.”

“Issues relating to regional security and possible threats emanating from Afghanistan were discussed,” the press release said.

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In his letter to PM Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin had emphasised on growing existing counter-terror partnership in the wake of Pulwama attack. India is also closely working with Russia on the Afghan situation to boost reconciliation efforts. Both India and Russia are trying to coordinate their positions on Afghanistan.

According to the press release, the agenda of the talks also covered issues related to the prospects for Russia-India investment cooperation in the Far East and the Arctic. Russia wants India’s stronger presence in far-east Russia to balance China’s influence.

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