Booming US-India Ties Creates Platform for Strong Russia-Pakistan Relations?

For Years, India and Russia have been Strong Allies. India continues to be the Biggest Buyer of Russian Defence Equipments. With India starting to drift towards the US, Russia has started to foment ties with India's arch Rival - Pakistan?

The US-Russia Cold War has given birth to new ties and relationships. The blossoming of India-US Ties and deteriorating US-Pakistan Relations has led to stronger Russia-Pakistan Relations. Will this become a classic case of ‘An enemy’s enemy, is a friend’?

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The US-Pakistan relations have been strained with the US blocking financial aid to Pakistan and blaming the country sponsoring and harbouring terrorism in Afghanistan. With the US stepping away from Pakistan, Russia-Pakistan Relations are growing at military, economic and diplomatic levels. The newfound Russia-Pakistan Relations are surging as a step towards increasing the gas market for the Russian energy industry.

The Strengthening Russia-Pakistan Relations

The ties between Russia and Pakistan are formed on the very foundation of unsteady relations with the US, for both the nations. Although China replaced the US as the biggest investor in Pakistan with the CPEC Project, the possibilities and the opportunities for growing Russia-Pakistan alliances relations be ignored. These ties could be cemented over defence cooperation and energy deals between the two nations.

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Russia is working towards negotiating peace in Afghanistan, where Moscow has developed ties with the Afghan Taliban that are raging against the US troops present in the area. Russia-Pakistan also share a common interest towards eradicating the growing influence of the Islamic State in Afghanistan (ISIS), that is a mutual security concern for both the nations.

The FM of Russia stated that relations between Russia and Pakistan are being built for years and only garnering new quality of alliances now. The main cementing focus for both nations remains the fight against terrorism. Russia and Pakistan also plan to resume their military training exercises.

Will the Russia-Pakistan Relations Weaken Russia-India Partnership?

The booming relationship between Russia and Pakistan is a matter of concern for India, Pakistan’s arch-rival. Russia and India share strong defence and military ties, and Russia has always regarded India as a strategic partner, besides being the biggest market for the Russian weapons. Will the newly developed Russia-Pakistan Relations and India inching closer towards the United States, weaken the existing India-Russia Ties?

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