India Anxious, as Russia, China, Pakistan May Build Strategic Alliance?

Are Russia, China and Pakistan aligning against India? Russia-Pakistan relations are witnessing an upward trajectory and these are not good signs for India. Chinese Media informed India that deepening ties between Russia and Pakistan could disrupt the balance of power in the region. As EurAsian Times reported, Pakistan and Russia recently signed a military pact under which officers of the Pakistan army will be trained at the Russian military institutes.

Russia’s inclination towards Pakistan can be seen as filling the void that the US has left as it seems to be turning a blind eye towards Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan’s relations with China too seem to be at an all-time high given China’s massive investment of $62 billion in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

If China, Russia and Pakistan join hands to form the Eurasian alliance, then an isolated India has reason to worry. As earlier penned by EurAsian Times, the would-be Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan too has expressed keen interest to work with Moscow and Beijing.

Will India End Up Being Isolated?

To simplify things and put them into perspective, China’s allegiance towards Russia is intensifying and so is Russia’s allegiance towards a ‘New Pakistan’, and this could well script a story of India’s isolation.

Russia is a crucial ally of India and Delhi’s foreign policy should be such that Russia doesn’t slip away. Experts feel that while Russia’s friendship is India’s greatest asset, India has not valued Moscow enough.

India has made this mistake in the past too. When India’s relationship with the Soviet Union was at its apogee, India started showing an inclination towards the west. Now if Imran Khan is successful in building the bridge between Russia, Pakistan and China, then India might be left high and dry.

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