Russia-Pakistan Relations: After Defence Relations, Russia & Pakistan Work on Energy Ties

Russia-Pakistan Relations seem to on an upswing. Russia and Pakistan share cooperative ties, especially on anti-terror front. Both Russia and Pakistan have jointly carried out anti-terror initiatives but looks like there is more adding up to that cooperation. Russia-Pakistan Relations may be further boosted as both nations are now evaluating collaboration on energy.

Russia is considering the opportunity of extending commerce and economic ties with Pakistan on the energy front. According to the FM of Russia, talks for energy cooperation with Foreign Minister of Pakistan have been initiated on Tuesday.

Russia-Pakistan Energy Cooperation

As reported by TASS, the Russian FM stated that the country has a favourable commerce and economic ties opportunity with Pakistan; especially cooperation in terms of investment and most notably energy. He further stated that currently Russia and Pakistan share efficient anti-terror ties and Russia shall continue to assist Pakistan in the fight against terrorism. The Pakistani FM commented that the two nations have a potential to create bilateral ties in terms of banking, technical and military fronts.

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Hope for enhanced Russia and Pakistan Cooperation

Pakistani FM expressed his delight in congratulating his Russian counterpart upon the occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between the two nations. He also said that he hoped the cooperation will further prosper. Russia and Pakistan are slated to establish a military cooperation commission, as reported by TASS.

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The Russian FM stated that Russia and Pakistan will continue to work together as anti-terror alliances and the nation was absolutely ready to assist Pakistan’s capacity, as an effort in the global interest. Russia gave Pakistan 4 cargo and combat helicopters, last year. The two nations carry out joint tactical drills and are expected to carry on doing so.

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