Russia Lines Up Latest Air Defense Missiles, Assault Rifles, Fighter Jets For Abu Dhabi Expo

From the latest air defense systems such as Antey-4000, Viking, and Tor-E2 to T-14 Armata battle tank, Su-35 fighter, KORD, and AK-19 assault rifles to Kupol-PRO counter-drone system, Russia will unveil a range of latest weapons at ‘IDEX 2021’ being held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from February 21 to 25.

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IDEX, and its sister event NAVDEX (Naval Defense and Maritime Security Exhibition), are organized by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the General Command of the UAE armed forces. Israel, Portugal, Luxembourg, and North Macedonia are participating for the first time in the event.

Speaking about Russia’s participation in the expo, Sergey Chemezov, Director General of Rostec State Corporation,  said, “The Middle East and North Africa are now among key customers in the arms market. This region accounts for about 1/3 of the total market volume.

“Arms with the ‘Made in Russia’ trademark are well known and sought-after here. They have made a very good showing in adverse climatic conditions – on the sea, on the ground and in the air. Taking into account all the above mentioned, the region is very important for us.”

At year-end 2020, the MENA countries accounted for over 50% of all export supplies through Rosoboronexport, Chemezov claimed. “In addition to the growth of exports and product mix, we have considerably expanded the geography of our cooperation in the region. In 2021, these positive trends will be continued in accordance with the objectives, set out for us by the country’s leadership,” he added.

Rosoboronexport, part of the Rostec, will be the primary organizer of Russia’s joint display at IDEX. The Russian booth occupies more than 1200 sq m of the exhibition space at Hall 12 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

The S-400 air defense system

Rostec’s Alexander Mikheev stated that the systems on display would include the new armored personnel carrier and infantry fighting vehicle on the basis of the Boomerang unified wheeled combat platform, air defense missile systems Antey-4000, Viking and Tor-E2, which will be done for the first time in this region.

“For the first time ever we will hold public presentations of tank T-14 Armata and new types of firearms of Russia’s production – assault rifles KORD, Lebedev pistol and the newest Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-19 as well as counter UAV solutions and training simulator complexes produced in Russia,” he said.

Over 400 systems of military equipment would be on the display. It would also show mock-up models of its aviation equipment like the Su-35 multi-role fighter aircraft, the Mi-38T transport-attack helicopter (designed as a replacement for Mi-8 and Mi-17), the venerable S-400 Triumf and Tor-M2KM air defense systems as well as the Kupol-PRO anti-drone complex. The Orlan-10E UAV would also be on display.

The Karakurt-E small missile ship

Various Naval systems would also be at the special exporter’s display, including presentations of the mock-up models of the patrol boat of Project 22160 and Karakurt-E small missile ship.

Besides, there would a range of sophisticated small arms including the new KORD assault rifles chambered in 7.62 and 5.45mm, and Lobaev Arms’s new long-range sniper rifles- DVL-10M1 ‘Saboteur’, TSVL-8 ‘Stalingrad’, DXL-3 ‘Longstrike’ and DXL-4 ‘Sevastopol’. These rifles are being used by Russian forces.

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