Russia Launches Trials Of Lethal Underwater Nuclear Drones

Russia has begun the trials of its Poseidon Underwater Drones at the test ranges. This Poseidon Drone is a part of Russia’s efforts to develop a nuclear-powered underwater vehicle which is unmanned in nature and is capable of carrying conventional as well as unconventional nuclear warheads. On Thursday the press office of Russia’s Defence Ministry reported that the trails of these drones have been launched.

As reported by TASS, the defence ministry of Russia stated that it has organised trails in the at the Defence ranges to confirm the dynamic characteristics of the apparatus during launches. These trials aim to test the launch determinants in a real environment and also at checking the parameters of the movement of the apparatus along the route in an autonomous mode. The ministry also stated that all the measures for creating the Poseidon Drone are in compliance with the work schedules and stipulated time frames.

The ministry further explained that these drones have been built to bolster Russia’s defence capabilities and to counter any aggression against Russia. The Poseidon Drones will be highly capable to decimate coastal facilities within an intercontinental range. The drones together with the nuclear-powered submarines will form an oceanic multi-purpose system.

The extensive experimental work of the drone has almost been completed and the industrial enterprises have explored measures to check the reliability and the joint operational capabilities of the systems and assemblies of the drone. The drone got its names during an online voting held by the Ministry of Defence, Russia. The drone will be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with the capacity of up to 2 megatonnes to wipe out enemy naval facilities. The Poseidon Drone will also be capable of hitting enemy aircraft carriers besides naval facilities. This drone forms a new type of seaborne underwater weapon which works on the concept of drones.

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