After Turkey, Russia Openly Backs Iran Against US Sanctions

Not a lot of nations seem threatened by the idea of US sanctions on Iran. Maintaining the cordiality in Russia-Iran relations, the two nations discussed an enhanced cooperation in the area of energy. Officials from Iran and Russia discussed the feasibility of Russian oil companies participating in projects in Iran hence bolstering the ties between the two nations despite threats of sanctions from the US.

The two nations are committed to being cooperative towards each other and through the OPEC in order to confront the sanctions from the US. As reported by PressTV, Russia’s energy minister and Iran’s oil minister met in Moscow and discussed a comprehensive plan of action to cooperate with each other in key sectors.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President also stated that Moscow will continue to invest in Iran at the level of $50 billion despite sanctions on Tehran from Washington. The US sanctions on Iran will come to effect from November 4 and the US has asked all nations to cease importing oil from Iran.

A deal worth $ 4 billion will soon be signed by a major Russian oil company with Iran as stated a top Iranian official. Russia has clearly rejected to respect the US sanctions on Iran just like Turkey.

Iranian officials also stated that two major Russian oil companies will soon sign a deal worth $10 billion with the Iranian government and negotiations over the same are going on. After this deal, Iran will be able to use Russian machinery, equipment, installations. These facilities will immensely help Iran in key sectors like petroleum, mining, construction and transportation.

As reported by The EurAsian Time earlier, even Turkey has come out in open defiance to the US sanctions against Iran and has stated that it would not obey them. Turkey has made it very clear that it will continue to see Iran as an important neighbour and will not scrap ties just because the US wants to.