Russia Conducting Test Flights Of Latest Guided Missile Bulat – ROSTEC

Russia has developed a new anti-armour guided missile system called Bulat, aimed to target light armoured vehicles. The system is undergoing flight tests, the press service of a Rostec subsidiary stated, reports Sputnik.

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The Bulat (micro) missiles can work in tandem with other bigger missile systems, to provide a lower-cost effective guided missile system against light armoured vehicles. According to the press service of the Rostec company, Bulat is “not a system but a small-size guided missile that can be used in various systems to complement heavy Kornets [anti-tank guided missiles].”

Bulat Design

The spokesperson said, “At the moment, there are test flights of the missile at a training range, there have been stable guided flights at maximum distance.”

According to the patent images shown by defense analyst Damian Rakta who goes with the ID @DRatka1 on twitter, the Bulat ATGM launcher holds 8 missile tubes which can be elevated to certain degrees for firing. However other details remain classified with the Russian companies. The new missile system was first unveiled at the Army-2017 event.