Russia, Belarus To Set Up Joint Combat Training Center For Air Forces – Defense Ministry

Belarus and Russia plan to create a combat training center for joint training of the countries’ air forces and air defense forces, the Belarusian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

On March 5, the two countries’ defense ministers met in Moscow to discuss the implementation of the bilateral 2021-2025 strategic partnership program, and agreed on the need to form three joint combat training centers, the ministry recalled.

“There are plans to create a combat training center for joint training of air forces and air defense troops,” the Belarusian Defense Ministry wrote on Telegram.

The countries will arrange joint training of Su-30SM aircraft crews. Belarusian experts will be trained to work with modern anti-aircraft missile systems of the Russian armed forces. Joint implementation of combat training tasks will also be practiced.

“The work of the center will significantly increase the level of education and training of units of the Bealusian air forces and air defense forces, and Russia’s aerospace forces. It will also strengthen the practical component of the development of the Union State’s unified regional air defense system,” the statement read on,

The ministry also recalled discussing with Moscow the possibility to train Belarusian forces at Russia’s marine military bases, as part of the project that is aimed at creating a training and combat center in the Kaliningrad Region.