Robin Hood Of Pakistan – Imran Khan Stealing From Poor & Feeding The Rich: ANI

Indian news agency – ANI quoting unnamed Pakistani expatriate community members in the UK claim that PM Imran Khan had requested for funds to fight COVID-19 which were outrightly rejected as the PTI government is “stealing from the poor and benefiting the rich”.

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Citing the example of Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid, the UK expatriate community members supposedly said, “The minister gives a check of Rupees 5 crores for COVID-19 relief by deducting salaries of poor railway employees. He has not contributed a single penny from his funds.”

This is the way Pakistani politicians are exploiting the pandemic, ANI quoted some unnamed expatriate activists.

Palwasha Khan, a Pakistani politician, also reprimanded Imran Khan’s PTI government, especially the governor of Sindh — Imran Ismail, who mocked the poor people while distributing Rs. 12,000 as coronavirus relief fund under the Ehsas Programme.

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Palwasha said, “Sindh governor’s video is going viral in which he is demanding a poor woman to count Rs. 12,000. I want to ask the governor, you are sitting at a place where Mohd. Ali Jinnah used to sit. You are a metric pass governor and you tell us – will you be able to write ‘governor Sindh’ in English? I dare you to write it in Urdu.”

“This money belongs to the people of the country,” Palwasha added.

The expatriate Pakistani community in the UK also criticized PM Imran Khan’s government for its failure to persuade the people to maintain social distancing during the holy month of Ramzan.

A Pakistani doctor working in New York described the horrific stories of the US and asked people in Pakistan to follow social distancing and lockdown guidelines. He said, “We are getting the bulk of patients who are not obeying lockdown. We are taking all precautions while treating the patients, why are not you able to do so?

What is it so important to go to a mosque and offer Namaz there? If one person is infected with the virus, he will infect many others in the mosque.”

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported,  the Imran-Khan led Pakistan government gave-in to the demands of the top clerics who gave a clarion call to faithful to attend Friday prayers in greater numbers during Ramadan.

The Pakistani Government who had been able to enforce a lockdown ever so spottily was facing an increasing backlash as Ramadan kept nearing and some of the country’s top religious clerics pressurized the government. It was later decided to allow some businesses to reopen amidst the lockdown and growing cases of COVID-19.

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One of Pakistan’s most prominent clerics Mufti Taqi Usmani said, “Muslims must be in the mosques in Ramadan and pray in congregation during this time of trial.” Perhaps there, he said, “worshippers may pray to God to end the outbreak that was sent by him.”

The medics have warned that high attendance in mosques especially at the time of Ramadan wherein Muslims fast all day and hold feasts with family and friends from sundown are ripe conditions for the virus to spread in a country that has already recorded nearly 14,000 infections mostly due to religious congregations.