For rent: children’s mansion Trump. $ 777 per night

The new owners of the house, in which President Donald Trump began his life, offer everyone to rent it as an “ideal place for New York vacations” – for $ 777 per day.The mansion in the Tudor style is located in the fashionable part of the New York area of ​​Queens. It can accommodate up to 20 people, but the party here will not be organized: the hosts are against noisy companies and animals.“This is a unique and rare opportunity to stay in the house of the incumbent president,” – lures the guests an announcement on the site of direct lease Airbnb.

The house is within walking distance from the metro, it has five bedrooms and a full-length cardboard figure of Trump.“He will make you an excellent company for night viewing of Fox News,” the announcement says.

The house was sold for $ 2.14 million in December last year, two months after the presidential election. The new owners emphasize that they have nothing to do with either the Trump family or the White House. “Since the Trumps left, almost nothing has changed here, the kitchen is the same, and the magnificent furniture of the rooms is true to their style,” assure the new owners. Airbnb offers an overnight stay in the largest grave in the world

The house was built by the father of the current president, developer Fred Trump, in 1940. In official documents, he is listed as the birthplace of Donald, who lived here four years, until his parents moved to the nearby mansion more spacious.