Putin, Trump Meet on Sidelines of APEC

Trump and Putin Finally Meet: Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the handshake of US President Donald Trump at the APEC summit. This opportunity of Putin meeting Trump happened during the ceremony of photographing of the forum participants.

Putin, Trump at APEC Summit

The head of the Russian state came out to the ceremony a little earlier and along with other leaders took a place on a special podium. One of the last to come was Donald  Trump, who took the seat on the right hand of the president of the Russian Federation. Putin and Trump greeted each other with a handshake, and Trump laid a friendly hand on Putin’s shoulder and exchanged a conversation.

At the APEC leaders’ session earlier on Friday, as well as at their meeting with members of the Business Advisory Council, Trump was not present, so photography was the first opportunity for the presidents of Russia and the US to meet at the summit.

At the right hand of Putin, the place for photography was reserved for the Peruvian leader Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Approaching the catwalk, he greeted Putin with an ordinary handshake, and throwing up his hand, urging the Russian president to “give five”, which the Russian leader did.

Allowing photographers to take a few pictures, the leaders of the APEC economies went to a nearby room for a solemn evening on behalf of the host of the summit, Vietnamese President Chiang Dai Kuang. At the dinner table, Putin was on the left of the Vietnamese leader, on the right was Chairman Xi Jinping. Trump remained at some distance from Putin, so they could not continue the communication.

The solemn evening was opened by the performance of a musical collective performing national Vietnamese music and dances. Then the host of the summit addressed the guests with a welcoming speech.