Pro-India Sikhs Clash With Pro-Khalistan Sikhs in Washington on Indian Republic Day

The Sikh community in the US has denounced the decision by Pro-Khalistan Sikhs to burn the Indian national flag in a park just across the road from the Indian embassy in Washington.

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The Indian Embassy hosted the 70th Republic Day on January 26 and saw a record turnout of members of the Indian community with the Sikh community well represented. An official said, “A record turnout of around people 800 in a very small space.

It was much after the flag was hoisted that a small group turned up at the park across the road but were kept away by Indian students and community members present there. The flag-burning plan comes at a time that pro-Khalistan group Sikhs for Justice planned a ‘Burning of Indian Flag’ protest in the US capital and has also acquired necessary permission to do so. Community group Sikhs of America has called the act harmful to peace and harmony.

“The Sikhs of America condemns and denounces in the strongest terms the planned burning of the Indian flag on the occasion of India’s Republic Day outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC.

Sikhs reside and have businesses not only all over India but also boast a global presence. Such theatrical protests like flag burning are detrimental to the peace-loving and harmony enhancing Sikh community everywhere,” the joint statement issued by Kamaljit Singh Soni, President along with Jesse Singh, Chairman of Sikhs of America, said.

“We urge Sikhs for Justice to have a dialogue with the Indian government regarding any issues and desist from such petty actions,” the statement added. The American Hindu Coalition also strongly condemned the plan to burn the Indian flag.

This comes at a time when the Indian mission in DC received letters from Sikh organisations appreciating the efforts made by the Modi administration for delivering justice to the aggrieved families of the 1984 Sikh riots.

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