Indian Origin Politician – Priti Patel Resign for her Secret Meetings with Israeli PM

Priti Patel, The Indian Origin minister of UK was forced to resign after it was revealed that she met high profile Israeli officials including the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during her unofficial visit in the month of August.

Priti Patel made a public apology on Monday but was forced to return back from Africa where she was present at the time of these revelations. According to Priti Patel, her “actions fell below the high standards that were expected”.

Priti Patel met Benjamin Netanyahu secretly over a course of 12 meetings

In an unexpected turn of events, the resignation of Priti Patel was the second cabinet resignation within the period of a week, after Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary was made to resign for sexual harassment allegations last Wednesday.

Background of Priti Patel

Priti Patel, 45, is the member of the ruling Conservative Party. She was apparently seen as a rising star of the party for the long term.

After her numerous impressive roles in government, she was appointed as the Secretary of State for International Development in June 2016 which allowed Ms. Patel to exercise her powers for the overseas development and the UK’s involvement in the progress of underdeveloped countries.

It is fair to say Priti Patel is positioned on the right of the Conservative party. Being a longstanding critic of the European Union, she has strongly condemned the gay marriage, raised her voice in favor of smoking, and is an ardent supporter of Israel.

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According to a reputed sources, Ms. Patel held a number of undisclosed meetings with business and political figures including the Israeli Prime Minister during her unofficial visit when she was on a holiday with her family in August.

Priti met the leader of one of Israel’s main political parties and made visits to several organizations where official government business was reportedly discussed. This is unusual because ministers are supposed to tell the government when they are conducting official business overseas.

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