France Admits That Bashar al-Assad Won The Syrian Civil War

Did President Bashar al-Assad emerge victorious in the Syrian Civil War? Speaking on France-Inter radio, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad might have won the Syrian civil war but will not “win peace” without a political solution. 

“Assad won the war, we have to state this. But he hasn’t won the peace,” Le Drian announced. According to the minister, the West would retaliate aggressively if сhemical weapons are used against civilians in the fight for Idlib.

He further claimed that even if the government’s forces managed to capture Idlib – the last terrorist fortification – it would not solve the problems that provoked the war seven years ago.

Le Drian also added that Paris will use the UN General Assembly to promote a peaceful solution in Syria, and is presently engaged in negotiations with the key players in the region including Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Paris was ready to launch further airstrikes against Syria if Damascus uses chemical weapons. The French president later stated that he apprehended a dangerous humanitarian crisis in Idlib, stating that France anticipated Russia and Turkey to pressure the Syrian government over the deteriorating situation in the province.

A week ago, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman stated that terrorists had smuggled eight canisters of chlorine gas into a village near Idlib to accuse the Assad government of using chemical weapons against civilians.

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