Peace in Sight – Pakistan Invites India To Examine Indus Basin and Resolve Indus Water Treaty

Pakistan has extended an invite to India for reviewing Indus basin on its side and address the mistrust over Indus Water Treaty. Pakistan’s invitation came after Pakistani delegates visited the Chenab basin on the Indian side as part of four days trip.

Indus Water Treaty Needs To Be Renegotiated With India: Pakistan Kashmir PM

Pakistani Indus Commissioner Syed Mohammad Mehar Ali Shah and Indian Commissioner PK Saxena, along with advisers, visited the under-construction Indian hydropower projects in Chenab basin, namely Pakal Dul (1000 MW), Ratle (850 MW) and Lower Kalnai (48 MW).

The Pakistani delegates also visited under construction Baglihar hydroelectric project (900 MW).”The Pakistani commissioner extended an invitation to his counterpart to undertake a visit of the Indus basin on the Pakistani side. The visit of the Indian commissioner and his advisers shall be undertaken in Pakistan at a mutually convenient date to be decided between the two commissioners,” the official of the Water Resources Ministry said.

This tour was initially scheduled in October 2018 but delayed because of local bodies and panchayat polls in Jammu and Kashmir.

This tour is compulsory under the Indus Waters Treaty signed between India and Pakistan in 1960. The delegations returned to Delhi in the evening. The Pakistan delegation, which arrived in India on January 27 will return to Pakistan on Friday. The last tours of the commission in Pakistan and India were held in July 2013 and September 2014 respectively.

No tour could be held in the current five years block which ends in March 2020. Under the Indus Water Treaty, waters flowing in three of Indus tributaries, the Sutlej, the Beas, and the Ravi, have been allotted to India, while the Chenab, Jhelum and Indus waters have been allotted to Pakistan.

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