Pakistan Using Spy Agency – ISI To Trace Covid-19 Infected Patients: Imran Khan

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is Pakistan’s infamous and notorious spy agency responsible for detecting, analyzing and warding-off national security threats. In a sudden turn of events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Islamabad has put the ISI in charge of tracing coronavirus infected patients. 

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Pakistan’s  Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday revealed that his government was using a system, formerly meant to track down terrorists by the ISI,  to track patients infected with the deadly virus, as the number of the COVID-19 patients rose to 10,982.

“The government is using a system, which was originally designed to trace terrorists, to find the suspected coronavirus cases,” he said during a live ‘Ehsaas Telethon’ held to raise funds to lessen the impact of the virus-induced lockdown.

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The program was held to raise awareness and generate funds to help the less fortunate sections of society amid the economic crisis that country’s facing. A large number of calls were received during the fundraising telethon which included cricketers, singers, actors, businessmen and journalists.

“Tracking and testing of patients is the only way to reopen businesses. No single government can battle the pandemic,” the prime minister said, asking the entire nation to unite in the fight against the virus.

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Khan also highlighted the importance of an indefinite lockdown and plans to battle the pandemic. “The government is looking at the option of smart lockdown to wisely provide relief to the people badly hit by the closure of the country,” Khan stated

Bringing up US’s economic crisis he said: ” even countries like the US are thinking to relax the restrictions on the people” telling the public how every country is making adjustments according to the situations. Warning people to take the pandemic seriously, Khan urged people to stay away from fake news and panic.

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The ISI was officially given the task of safeguarding Pakistani interests and national security, inside and outside the country. Confirming the fact that this decision will in no way hinder the nation’s security, Khan said: “no efforts would be spared for security, integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.”