Pakistan Agencies Using Social Media To Flare Kashmir Issue and Radicalise Youths

Can social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and other networking sites be completely banned in the Kashmir valley to curb violence and prevent the radicalization of youths? Former Director General of Police (DGP) of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) – SP Vaid said that Pakistani agencies are provoking youngsters via social media sites and radicalising youth in the Kashmir valley.

The ISIS Model in Kashmir?

SP Vaid said that after the killing of popular militant and commander – Burhan Wani, many parents approached him complaining about how their children were being targeted and influenced on the social media and gradually radicalised via online communication. The former DGP of Jammu and Kashmir said that it is the same pattern of terrorist recruitment as followed by ISIS across the world by using social media.

“Terrorist organisations and Pakistani agencies are taking advantage of social media to demonise the security forces and infuse hatred in the people. After 2016, we have experienced unrest several places, youth were instigated to pelt stones on security forces and disrupt operations that helped terrorists flee from the spot,” Vaid added.

“After investigations, we came to know that in 2017, Jamaat-ud-Dawa had published an advertisement in several newspapers of Pakistan. The advertisement said that jihad can be done at home with internet and smartphone. They have recruited our youth in thousands via internet”, Vaid said.

India Needs To Learn From China

The security agencies in India took some concrete steps to tackle this problem. However, we have to take bigger steps like China has taken to build its own social media platforms in order to keep them away from the influence of neighbouring country, he said. China for years has been adopting strict social media and internet control which restricts the people in contested regions to get unduly influenced by “outsiders”. To a great extent, China has been successful.

Earlier as EurAsian Times reported, after the terminology of Love Jihad, India seems to have come up with another terminology  – “Keyboard Jihad” or “Keyboard Warriors”. The Police from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir now has a new job i.e. to check “Fake News” and trace & identify “Keypad Jihadis” or “Facebook Warriors” who spread rumours on social networking sites.

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