Pakistan Training Its Journalists To Raise Kashmir Issue At International Events

After failing to internationalise the Kashmir issue at global pedestals, Islamabad has started using its journalists to unsuccessfully raise the Kashmir issue at different platforms. Pakistan is training its journalists to bring Kashmir to the centre of discussion during meetings of Imran Khan with global leaders.

In a very recent instance, a Pakistani journalist brought up the Kashmir issue during Imran Khan’s meeting with Donald Trump on the sidelines of ongoing UNGA session and was ridiculed by the US President leaving his Pakistan counterpart red-faced.

Pakistan using its media to lobby for Kashmir

A desperate Imran Khan visited Saudi Arabia before departing for UNGA in order to garner support for the Kashmir issue. All he could garner was a disappointment as his discussions with Saudi’s Crown Prince – Mohammed Bin Salman was only reduced to talking about the attacks on Saudi Aramco and the volatile situation in the Middle East.

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Having failed at all fronts, Pakistan seems to be training its journalists covering international summits to raise the Kashmir issue and bring in the limelight. However, seeing Donald Trump’s reactions to questions on Kashmir, all Pakistan could celebrate was another snub.

The mammoth difference in the kind of reception received by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Imran Khan has already left Pakistan striving for global respect and then comes a failed attempt to raise Kashmir through its media.

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From launching diplomatic offences against India, suspending trade, threatening with militant infiltration to endorsing the idea of a nuclear war, Pakistan has tried all the tricks to keep the Kashmir issue alive after the abrogation of Article 370.

The international community has rather sided with India and has acknowledged the fact that Kashmir is an internal matter to India’s sovereignty. Now being left with no other alternative Pakistani journalists seem to be putting up a diplomatic fight for their nation but only in the losing cause.