Pakistan The Most Dangerous Country and Breeding Ground Of Radicalism – Former US Secretary of Defense

The former US defence secretary, James Mattis slammed Pakistan and called it the most dangerous country in the world. He said that Pakistan is the most dangerous country he has ever dealt with being in the US military and then later being the defence secretary in Donald Trump administration. 

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Mattis also said that Pakistan’s obsession with propagating radicalism in the society and the expanse of Pakistan’s nuclear warheads makes it very dangerous. He also castigated Pakistan for its approach to view all geopolitical developments from the prism of hostilities towards India.

James Mattis resigned from the Trump administration in January this year after having a long career in the military and then the US administration.

Pakistan Wants Anti-India Government In Afghanistan: James Mattis

James Mattis has served at various key positions of the US defence set up. He has vast experience and understanding of the geopolitical situation in South Asia as he has worked as a top US Marine Corps Commandeer in Afghanistan, head of the US central command and then as a secretary of defence.

Mattis also revealed that Pakistan wanted a friendly government in Afghanistan which would restrict any sorts of Indian influence in Kabul’s policymaking.

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Mattis has written in his book named ‘Call Sign Chaos’ that Pakistan being the world’s fastest-growing nuclear arsenal cannot be let to fall in the hands of the terrorists breeding in the backyards of Pakistan. He warned that the ramifications of such developments would be catastrophic for the world.

In an indirect comment on Pakistan’s Prime Minister, James Mattis also slammed the political leadership in Pakistan saying that the country does not have leaders that worry about the future of the nation. These comments come in times when Pakistani leaders have been openly talking about their nuclear arsenal and have been endorsing the use of its nuclear and atomic bombs against India.