Pakistan, Qatar Set To Boost Trade, Ties – Reports

Pakistan and Qatar have decided to formalize a preferential trade agreement (PTA) and a free trade agreement (FTA) to improve bilateral trade ad ties between two nations. The agreements will soon be signed after necessary formalities according to media reports.

Pakistan has also proposed to build a plant in Qatar to manufacture footballs for the FIFA World Cup 2022 as well as subsequent football tournaments. Nebras Power, a major investment group in Qatar’s energy sector, has shown an interest in investing directly in Pakistan’s power sector.

The Nebras Power Consortium will take part in the privatization of the Haveli Bahadur Shah and Balloki power plants in Pakistan. It has formally notified Islamabad and wished that it would promote direct cooperation between the two governments in the fields of energy and power generation.

The document also read that Islamabad had fully approved a report sent by Doha to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to recognize its products, including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and natural gas, as eco-friendly.

Qatar has also requested additional traffic rights to enhance aviation links with Pakistan. The two countries will consider the matter on a commercial basis.

Pakistan and Qatar have agreed on an air service agreement in the near future to enhance bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Qatar in other areas of aviation and agreed to hold further meetings during the anticipated air service talks scheduled to be held in Shi’ar Uqba, Jordan.

By: N.Ticku With Inputs From Express Tribune