Pakistan Pats It Own Back; Says Saudi-Iran War Averted After Imran Khan’s Visit

Pakistan PM Imran Khan concluded his successful visit to Iran and Saudi Arabia – two neighbours locked in a bitter conflict in the Middle East. Pakistan Foreign Minister claimed that the threat of an immediate conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been averted thanks to Pakistan’s mediation.

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Qureshi told the media that both the Saudi and Iranian leadership had agreed to pursue diplomatic options to resolve their differences. His statement came just hours after PM Khan concluded a visit to Saudi Arabia as part of Pakistan’s efforts to defuse tensions in the region.

Khan earlier travelled to Tehran, where he said Pakistan wanted to facilitate dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Qureshi said the Iranian leadership shared Pakistan’s aspect and expressed their eagerness to hold direct talks or through any third party with Saudi Arabia.

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The Iranian leadership also said they never wanted war with Saudi Arabia. PM Khan, according to Qureshi, took the same message to Saudi Arabia. Khan met Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Pakistan’s main objective was to avert any conflict between the two countries, Qureshi said, adding that he could say with confidence that the “threat of an immediate conflict” between Saudi Arabia and Iran was now fading away.

The two countries, he went on to say, agreed to pursue diplomatic options to resolve their differences. The mode of the dialogue was being finalised, he added. According to officials familiar with the development, Pakistan suggested direct talks between the Saudi and Iranian authorities. Khan even proposed Islamabad as the venue for such talks, the officials added.