Pakistan Not Activating Terror Camps In Balakot: Islamabad Rebuffs Indian Claims

Pakistan has categorically rejected a claim by India’s army chief, Bipin Rawat, that a “terror camp” in Balakot has been “reactivated”. The Indian army chief had earlier claimed that a “terror camp in Balakot had been reactivated and 500 militants were waiting to infiltrate India”.

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Foreign Office Spokesperson Mohammad Faisal refuted the statement as baseless and added that New Delhi’s allegations of infiltration from Pakistan were a desperate attempt to divert international attention from the humanitarian crisis in Jammu and Kashmir.

Faisal said India would neither succeed in deceiving the world through distracting tactics nor be able to cover its “unabated state-sponsored terrorism in the Kashmir valley. Faisal highlighted that in 2019 alone 26 civilians were martyred while 124 injured due to ceasefire violations by Indian forces.

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“The insincerity and lack of credibility of Indian statements are further exposed by the fact that India severely hinders the functioning of the UNMOGIP and limits the free and unhampered mobility of its personnel, which is in complete contrast with Pakistan’s approach of allowing full facilitation of their free movement,” he added.

Faisal further said that India’s aggressive rhetoric and actions were a threat to regional peace and stability. “We hope the international community would take due cognizance and urge India to act responsibly and refrain from steps that only serve to vitiate an already tense environment.”

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Faisal also dismissed attempts to destroy Pakistan’s campaign against Indian atrocities at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) moot in Geneva. He cited the joint statement issued by members and non-members of the UNHRC, demanding India to end the clampdown, release political prisoners and implement recommendations put forth in the UN report on IOK.