Pakistan Disappointed Over US Reports Blaming Islamabad For Cross-Borer Terrorism In India, Afghanistan

Pakistan has expressed displeasure with the US State Department’s Report on terrorism which blamed Islamabad for harbouring and overlooking terror activities in the country.

Dr Faisal, Foreign Office Spokesperson, US, Terrorism
Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said the report completely disregards the factual situation on the ground and the enormous contribution made and sacrifices rendered by Pakistan over the last two decades in the global fight against terrorism.

He said these efforts have not only resulted in the elimination of Al-Qaeda from this region but have also made the world a safer place.

US Report Blames Pakistan For Terrorism In India, Afghanistan

Faisal stated that Pakistan was determined to take concrete steps under its National Action Plan and pointed out that Pakistan has taken extensive legal and administrative measures for the implementation of its obligations under the UNSC 1267 sanctions regime for the freezing of assets and denial of funds and economic resources to all designated entities and individuals. He said Pakistan is continuing actions to fully implement the FATF Action Plan.

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Faisal said that the US report on terrorism fails to mention that these terror groups continue to work and carry-out terror activities against Pakistan from across the border from Afghanistan. He said we hope Pakistan’s commitment, contributions and sacrifices would be fully recognized and appreciated in the right perspective.