Pakistan Army Cannot Afford Sophisticated Weapons Like S-400: Pakistan Minister

Pakistan Army is getting apprehensive about India acquiring the Russian S-400 air defence systems. According to Pakistan Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, Russia should not rely completely on India which is destabilizing the region by buying sophisticated and expensive weapons like the S-400. 

On Thursday, Indian media reported that Delhi is ready to sign a $5.43 billion contract to purchase five regiments of Russian S-400 Triumph air defence systems. “That is the issue,” Chaudhry said. India is using its economic might against Pakistan, they are building their power against Pakistan, and that is very unfair. We know that Russia and India have a historic relationship, but now I think Pakistan is also getting closer to Russia, so Moscoe should not place its bets on India only.”

Russia and Pakistan’s relationship is improving day by day and Islamabad is looking forward to working closely with Moscow on defence, trade and economic issues, said Chaudhry.

India could become the third foreign buyer of these systems, following China and Turkey. The United States voiced its concern over the Indian plans to purchase the S-400 systems, pointing out that sanctions over the deal could not be ruled out.

Chaudhry explained that when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan took office he said he wanted to normalise relations with India. “This offer was accepted, but just within 24 hours some elements within the ruling party forced PM Modi to withdraw from the meeting.“Internal politics of India forced Modi to withdraw from acceptance of dialogue, but we want dialogue,” Chaudhry said on Friday.

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