Pakistan Army Clash With Afghan Border Troops; Heavy Casualty On Pak Side

The Pakistan army clashed with Afghan security forces in  the Chitral district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. In the exchange of fire, six Pakistani soldiers and five civilians were injured which was confirmed by the Pakistan Army spokesman.

“Afghan security forces fired mortars and heavy machineguns from Nari District, Kunar province, targeting civil population in Arundu village, Chitral,” the military’s media wing, the ISPR, said in a statement. “Six soldiers and five citizens, including a woman got injured,” it added.

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The ISPR claimesd to have responded effectively and targeted Afghan border posts of Kandkxi and Dilbar from where fire was being initiated. The Afghan border post suffered “substantial damage” in the retaliatory action from the Pakistani troops. However, the hostilities stopped after engagement at the military level.

The two countries often trade accusations that the other side is firing across the border, which runs for 2,400km (1,490 miles), much of it through mountainous terrain. The Taliban and other armed groups operate on both sides of the porous line.

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Pakistani troops are presently building border fences in response to ongoing complaints by Afghanistan over cross-border movement, particularly by fighters.

But Kabul remains deeply suspicious of Pakistan’s motives. Islamabad had backed the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and until recently seemed unable or unwilling to go after fighter leaders taking refuge inside its borders.

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Afghanistan also disputes the exact path of the border, known as the Durand Line, which was drawn by the British in 1893 to mark the edge of their colonial possessions.