Pakistan Army Blasts Judiciary Over Musharraf’s Verdict; Hints At Foreign Involvement

Pakistan Army spokesman – Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor in a brief press conference lambasted the verdict on former army chief Pervez Musharraf who was sentenced to death by a special court for high treason.

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Ghafoor said that Pakistan Army had expressed its deep reservations after Parvez Musharraf was sentenced to death by a special court for high treason. He said after today’s detailed judgement in the case against Musharraf “those reservations are proving to be true”.

Following the verdict, Ghafoor quickly issued a  statement, saying the “decision given by special court has been received with a lot of pain and anguish by rank and file of Pakistan Armed Forces”.

The Pakistan spokesman said the verdict issued today — especially the words used in the written order — “transgresses humanity, religion, culture and any other values”.

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Ghafoor did not specify any part of the judgement; however, para 66 of the order — which calls for the former president’s body to be “dragged to D-Chowk” in Islamabad and “hanged for three days” — has already attracted sharp criticism from the legal community.

Ghafoor emphasized that the Pakistan Army was an organised institution and its members have taken the oath to sacrifice their lives for the defence of the national security. “We have demonstrated it practically in the past 20 years [and] achieved what no other country or army in the world could achieve.

“We are today facing a hybrid war. We are fully aware of this changing nature and character of war. We also understand the enemy, its facilitators, supervisors and their possible designs,” he told the press conference.

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Ghafoor said the country is currently facing threats from both internal and external sources (taking a jibe at India).

“Some people want to provoke us through internal and external attacks into fighting amongst ourselves but are daydreaming of defeating Pakistan in this manner.