Pakistan Adds 60,000 Troops to Secure Durand Line

At the disputed Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islamabad will boost the border with additional 60,000 troops in the sensitive border. Pakistan aims to heighten its patrols along its Durand Line in an attempt to restrict the flow of insurgents emanating from Afghanistan, according to military officials familiar with the matter.

Durand Line: A Quick Brief

The Durand Line is a highly disputed, over 2400 km border that separates Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Durand Line was established in 1896 between Sir Mortimer Durand, a British diplomat and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Emir of Afghanistan.

40% of the troops have already been recruited for the project, which is expected to take another two years, the officials told Bloomberg on condition of anonymity. About 13% of a fence planned along the Duran Line has also been completed, they said.

This step will strengthen Pakistan’s border operations, which have been stepped up in recent years.  The Pakistan Army, which has around 660,000 regular and paramilitary troops, have been more concentrated on the country’s eastern border with arch-rivals India.

Pakistan, off late, has come under tremendous pressure to act against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani group ever since President Donald Trump accused Islamabad of sponsoring and harbouring terrorists. Earlier, Donald Trump suspended military aid to the nuclear-armed nation and accused Pakistan of giving “lies and deceit” in return for years of US funding.

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