Now Czech Republic Shifts Consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The Czech Republic opened its honorary consulate in Jerusalem on 29th May 2018, however, Czech leaders are still debating whether to open a full-fledged embassy in Jerusalem. The honorary embassy of Czech Republic, which is little less than a full diplomatic mission, received tremendous support from President Milos Zeman, the PM of Czech Republic.

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“First of all, my fundamental aim is the development of economic relations between Israel and the Czech Republic, since I have had good relations with the Israeli business community, said Dan Propper.

Dan Propper, an Israeli businessman with a Czech background, will serve as honorary consul

Additionally, on the basis of my own outstanding experience, I also want to promote Israeli investment in the Czech Republic, “said Propper on the occasion of the commencement of the work of the new consulate. He also stated that his family “is closely connected with the Czech culture”, besides being himself was born in Tel Aviv.

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The Czech President Miloš Zeman has repeatedly expressed support for the transfer of the Czech embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, although the republic’s foreign affairs ministry favoured to analyze this decision concurrently with other EU states.

In April of this year, President Miloš Zeman at the solemn reception on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel officially announced that the time had come for the Czech Republic to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Later, President Zeman also declared the opening of the Czech House in the Israeli capital for socio-political and cultural activities.

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