Not A Single Pakistani Cricketer Can Play in India: Javed Miandad

Former Pakistani cricket team captain Javed Miandad has strongly criticized the policies of the Pakistan Cricket Board and the performance of Pakistani players.

In a video posted on his official YouTube channel, Miandad has said that not a single batsman from Pakistan can play in India, Australia, England, South Africa or New Zealand team. In this six-minute video, Miandad said that the Pakistani team has good bowlers but no batsmen.

“This world runs on a daily basis and wages. Score runs today, take the money and go. Score runs tomorrow then we will again pay you money. You are a professional, if you don’t work or score runs then why take money? This is the job of the Pakistan Cricket Board. They need to ensure that nobody takes the cricket team for granted,” Miandad said in his Youtube channel.

Miandad was speaking in reply to Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shahzad’s comments about being ready to represent Pakistan for another 12 years. “Why 12 years? You can play for 20 years I guarantee you that but you need to perform. If you perform daily nobody will drop you from the side. Players get dropped when they don’t perform or succumb to pressure,” said Miandad.

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad

“Players should not give such irresponsible statements and instead let their performance do the talking on the field,” Miandad added. Further taking a dig at Pakistan’s cricket policies, Miandad said Pakistan is the only team that picks players on the basis of their past performances.

“Countries like England and Australia pick squads on a series to series to basis. They forget even if you have scored 500 runs in the previous series. Pakistan is the only team where you get 10 innings after scoring hundred. People keep failing but there is no concern, which is why the team has so many problems.