Will North Korea attack the US Base in Guam?

The US intends to shoot down DPRK missiles launched in the direction of Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the American island of Guam. This was stated on Thursday by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, after talks between the heads of foreign and defense departments of the United States and Japan in the “two plus two” format in Washington.

In a nutshell, if a missile is launched in the direction of Japan, Guam, United States, South Korea, we intend to take immediate, concrete action in order to bring it down,” he said, Which Washington will accept if Pyongyang launches a ballistic missile. Answering the same question, Japanese Defense Minister said that Tokyo “uses all available means for missile defense.”

Effective Response to North Korea

Mattis added that hostility from the DPRK towards the US or its allies will be met with an “effective and superior response.” “Together we will restrain and, if necessary, deal with the threat.” Any hostility will be met with an effective and superior response. “Our states will demonstrate the unity of our alliance, continuing bilateral actions and strengthening cooperation with the Republic of Korea,” Mattis said.

“We urge North Korea to choose the best path, not involving provocation or threats,” he said. The situation on the Korean peninsula remains extremely tense with Pyongyang’s active development of its missile program. In July, the DPRK twice tested ballistic missiles, which caused an acute reaction from the United States, Japan and South Korea. Last week, US President Donald Trump, in particular, said that the DPRK should not threaten Washington, and promised to respond to the attacks with “fire and fury that the world never saw.”


Soon, the CTC agency reported that the DPRK is developing a missile launching plan in the direction of Guam to demonstrate the possibility of a preemptive strike against US military facilities, including the Andersen airbase, where B-52 strategic bombers are stationed.

How will the USA Respond to North Korea?

President of the United States Donald Trump gave a clear order “to develop reliable and effective military options” for responding to threats from the DPRK, and the Pentagon is doing just that. ” A statement was made on Thursday in a conversation with his accompanying journalists, the Chairman of the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Joseph Dunford, who is on an official visit to China.

He responded to a request to comment on the words of the chief political strategist of the White House, Stephen Bannon, who said in an interview published on Wednesday with an American magazine that “there is no military solution [of the North Korean missile problem].” Nevertheless, Dunford stressed that Trump directly ordered “us to develop reliable and effective military options, and we are doing just that.” According to him, the military response to the DPRK’s missile threat would be “appalling,” but allowing Pyongyang to develop means of delivering a nuclear strike against the United States is “unimaginable.