North Korea shaken up after US bombers flies over its region

Seoul, Reuters.: –  Prior to President Trump’s visit to Asia, two American state-of-the-art B1-B bombers, capable of attacking the atomic bomb, flew over the Korean
Peninsula. In this Air Force exercise, Japan and South Korea’s fighter aircraft were also accompanied by the American bomber. Donald Trump will first go to Japan under
his Asia tour, which is a United Nations nonprofit motive against North Korea.

US bombers displayed its aerodynamic practice in the Korean Peninsula

North Korea termed this aerodynamic practice as a preparation for a sudden nuclear strike on it. According to the official news agency KCNA of North Korea, America is
continuously spoiling the situation of the Korean Peninsula in the manner of a gangster bourgeoisie. He wants to provoke nuclear war here.

Trump will first arrive in Japan on Sunday, from where he will visit down South Korea. After this, he is scheduled to visit China, Vietnam and the Philippines. After the
continuous trial tests of a ballistic missile by North Korea and the sixth nuclear test on September 3, the condition in the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding regions have become very tense.

The main purpose of Donald Trump in this tour is to increase pressure on North Korea after witnessing its irresponsible statements on Global platform regarding nuclear threats. In the White House, the President’s Security Advisor H. R. McMaster has said that in the
case of North Korea, Trump believes that the time for consideration of North Korea has been completed. The world is wasting its time on North Korea now.

It is noteworthy that Donald Trump has warned of destroying North Korea completely. The United States is also pressurizing China to implement the United Nations
Security Council’s sanctions on North Korea. McMaster said that America is looking with great patience to see what China and other countries are doing on the North
Korea issue. After that, US led by Donald Trump will take the action itself.

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