North Korea promises a plan to strike the island of Guam by mid-August

The DPRK repeated the threat of launching medium-range missiles in the Pacific region, in which the US military base on the island of Guam is located.

The North Korean military, as stated in the statement published by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTC), is developing as a “warning” to the US a plan for the launch of four Hwaseong-12 medium-range ballistic missiles that must fly over the territory of the Japanese prefectures of Simane, Hiroshima, Kochi, To overcome the distance of 3 thousand 356 km in 1 065 seconds (18 minutes) and fall 30-40 km from the American base on GuamThe strike plan should be ready in mid-August, after which it will be presented to Kim Jong-un, who will take the final decision.

The verbal war between the United States and the DPRK broke out with renewed force on Tuesday with the filing of Trump, who unexpectedly promised to bring North Korea’s “fire and fury” to the North if Pyongyang’s actions threatened America. Trump’s threat was voiced against reports that the DPRK had produced a nuclear warhead that could be installed on North Korea’s missiles. 

The nuclear threat of the DPRK: is there a risk of war?

On the potential threat from the DPRK wrote the Washington Post. This would mean that North Korea is developing a much faster pace of nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States. Trump’s warning in the DPRK was called “complete nonsense”, and Trump himself was called incompetent and understanding only the language of power.

End of regime and death

The head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, on Wednesday warned the DPRK against steps that would inexorably lead to “the end of the regime and the death of its people. The US Secretary of Defense warned North Korea that the country would be defeated in the war against the US and its allies. 

The UN member states will be obliged not to increase the number of workers from North Korea on their territory, not to create new joint ventures with the DPRK and not expand existing ones.The resolution also provides for sanctions against individuals associated with the North Korean nuclear program. North Korea conducted two launches of ballistic missiles in July, saying that the United States is within reach of North Korean missiles. Experts nevertheless say that most North Korean missiles have extremely low accuracy and can not hit the target.