We Will Be The Most Powerful And Fearful Nuclear Power : North Korea

North Korea has pledged to become the “World’s Most Powerful Nuclear Nation” as it seems to be unperturbed by the UN sanctions and threats from US president Donald Trump.

If insider reports are to be believed, the North Korean Government led by Kim Jong-Un looks to be cruising along to be the dominant nuclear power across the globe.

North Korea Can Now Strike US Mainland with ICBM – Hwasong-15

Blaming China for strangling the North Korean economy, the secluded state announced that it is marching along towards a fully fledged nuclear weapons programme. North Korea’s Permanent Representative Ja Song-nam told the UN Security Council that North Korea will not deviate from its set objective of Nuclear Domination.

Referencing the “two fronts” plan, the representative said the North’s blueprint for success lies in its nuclear power and a strong economy. He said: “Pyongyang will march forward and make great advancement victoriously as world’s most powerful nuclear and military nation upholding the line on concurrent development of the two front.”

Claiming about its significant backup resources despite the imposed sanctions from China on its military and trading capabilities, Ja said, the UN council is a “tool” of the Americans which is “horrified by the enormous might of our nation”.

He also referred to the firing of the intercontinental ballistic missile on November 29 as “Great November Event”. However, North Korea said that their nation “would not pose any threat to any country and region” unless they were threatened.

Ja claimed there has been no “illegal transfer of nuclear weapons, its technology and weapons-grade nuclear materials”.

The US has already emphasized its willingness to resolve the conflicting issues with North Korea and will continue to push for talks to end the weapons testing. President Trump’s men also warned all options are on the table if the threats keep on surging. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said: “The US will use all measures necessary to defend itself, but we also keep our channels of communication open.”

Tillerson also said there was no chance he would be pushed around by Pyongyang which is calling for Russia’s support to be at the table during talks.

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