US Prepares to Counter North Korea’s Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles

The United States, along with its allies are conducting drills to counter Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM) emanating from North Korea. 

The military officials said on Monday that the United States, Japan, and South Korea have teamed up for a planned drill to counter the “hard to detect” missiles amid fears that North Korea is rapidly developing its Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles Technology.

The place of the drill is the water area between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, said South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. It will involve destroyers from all the three nations doing computer-simulated training to track submarine missile launchings from North Korea.

Threat of Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles from North Korea

Images were obtained by the website which seems extremely similar to a cylindrical object, giving rise to speculation that suggests “construction of a new submarine” at a facility on North Korea’s east coast. The drills come in the wake of rumored reports that North Korea is making significant progress in developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM)

Due to the inability to detect them easily, the news of Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles being developed by the North Korea is a worrying sign for the United States and its allies. North Korea has already successfully tested such a missile on August 2016, sending it approximately 310 miles towards Japan.

US-South Korea Conduct “Vigilant Ace 18”, World’s Biggest Air Force Drills

The military maneuvers by North Korea came a week after the United States and South Korea began holding joint drills that included advanced stealth fighters and B1-B Lancer bombers over the Korean Peninsula. Experts suggest that the joint exercises led North Korea to accuse the United States of pushing the region “to the brink of nuclear war.”

South Korea, in order to step up the pressure, have curtailed a new round of sanctions on 20 North Korean companies. The sanctions, an effort to curb North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons programs, were imposed in retaliation to the North’s launching of a missile in late November that experts said was capable of hitting much of the continental United States.

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