Iran-North Korea Relations Blossom Under US Sanctions and Threats

Iran-North Korea relations seem to be blossoming amid US sanctions and threats. The foreign minister of North Korea during an official visit to the Iranian capital, Tehran, underlined the cordial relations between Iran and North Korea. The minister also expressed his pleasure seeing bilateral ties being enhanced amid hostile actions by the United States. 

Iran-North Korea Relations

As reported by Iranian PressTV, officials from both Iran and North Korea highlighted historical ties between the two nations on Thursday. Both the nations are facing an identical situation where they have been hit hard by US sanctions. The foreign minister of North Korea further expressed gratitude towards Iran for standing by North Korea’s side in tough times.

Iranian diplomats also warned North Korea of US’ lack of commitments to its bilateral and multilateral promises. Both the nations envisage a great opportunity for bolstering ties as they stand in a similar spot of bother triggered by the unilateralism of the US. The Iranian official stated that even though the US acts very nicely in negotiations and promises a bright future, in reality, the US does not meet any of its commitments and obligations.

Iran and the US have been at loggerheads ever since US President Trump decided to pull back from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action famously known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. The first set of sanctions post the withdrawal of US sanctions was imposed on Iran on August 7.

North Korea has been sanctioned and threatened by the US for a long time due to Pyongyang’s ambitious nuclear programme which threatens Washington’s key allies in the region. Despite the historic US-North Korea summit in Singapore, the relations between the two nations have not really improved.

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