Baltic Nations No Longer Object to Nord Stream-2 Gas Project

The Baltic countries have collectively left the camp of the Russian-German project of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania now do not object to the construction of the pipeline, provided that it will comply with EU legislation. This decision follows from the final document of the meeting of the Baltic Prime Ministers held in Tallinn.

The joint statement of the prime ministers was published following the results of their meeting which does not contain any traditional categorical objections to the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

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It is noted that the Nord Stream-2 Project if implemented, should fully comply with the applicable EU legislation and the principles of the Energy Union,” states a joint statement signed by Premieres Jüri Ratas, Maris Kucinskis, and Saulius Skvernelis.

The final document of the Council of Prime Ministers does not contain a protest against the gas pipeline and allegations of its non-compliance with the interests of Europe, the undesirable growth of dependence on Russia.

Note that the final documents of the previous traditional December meetings of the prime ministers of the Baltic States had a completely different message as they contained categorical objections to the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project. After the Council of 2015 in Vilnius, the heads of government (in Estonia, the cabinet of ministers was still headed by Taavi Rõivas ) signed under the phrase: “We note that the pipeline projects proposed by Russia, such as the Nord Stream-2, are in conflict with the objectives of energy policy EU in terms of diversifying gas supplies, as they increase the EU’s dependence on Russian gas. “

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A year later, after the meeting in Riga, a final document appeared that included a passage of this content: “We again note that all new energy infrastructure projects must be in line with the goals and principles of the EU energy policy, we remain committed to the view that the Nord Stream-2 project is entering in contradiction with EU policies aimed at diversifying sources of energy supplies, and routes, eliminating the dominance of one supplier and enhancing energy security. ” This paper was signed by the then Prime Minister of Estonia Yuri Ratas.