New Viral Video Shows Russian S-400 Missile Hitting Its Own Launcher – Watch Now

The Russian military along with six other militaries have been engaged in intense combat exercises in Russia’s southern military district, named the Kavkaz-2020. However, an interesting video has surfaced over social media, showing the firing of the S-400 Missile Defence System.

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The video shows the firing of two missiles under an air defence simulation scenario, where the first missile successfully fired and completed its boost phase. While, the problem starts with the second missile, which successfully separated from the launcher fails to initiate its boost phase and the missile, fell back to the ground over the launch vehicle itself.

After the missile falls over the vehicle, soldiers are seen running to take cover behind military trucks, while black smoke rising in the background.

While the video’s location and details cannot be independently authenticated by the EurAsian Times, it indeed has increased anxieties in the potential buyers of the lethal systems.

Earlier, EurAsian Times, citing various media sources reported that Russian-built S-400 air defence systems being operated by Turkey were defective.


Turkey received the first batch of the advanced defence missiles in July, after purchasing them last year, despite US warnings and threats, which ultimately led Washington to remove it from its F-35 program, in which Ankara was a manufacturer and buyer.

However, it seems that all of that could be for nothing with several media reports claiming that the Turkish Army has identified problems in the S-400s, which they have not been able to resolve for the last six months.

According to a Greek news website, Pentapostagma, Russian engineers have not been authorised to overlook operations of the S-400s in Turkey, with Defence Minister Akar emphasising the need for issues of operational readiness to be resolved by experts from Ankara.

Moreover, the word in Russia is that the Turkish Army doesn’t possess the expertise or the knowledge to put the Russian missiles on alert, with Russian analysts believing that the situation is irreversible without the intervention and supervision of Russian technicians.