US Marines ‘Surrender’ To British Commandos In California Drills; 2021 News Trends Again, Here Is Why

Amid the fierce Ukraine war, the United Kingdom has positioned itself as a pivotal ally, standing firmly alongside the embattled country and bolstering its defense with an impressive array of cutting-edge weapon systems.  

Besides the provision of advanced weaponry, the United Kingdom has undertaken the task of training over 10,000 Ukrainian troops every 120 days. 

While the United States remains the largest provider of military assistance to Ukraine, numerous observers argue that the support offered by the United Kingdom in training Ukrainian soldiers is proving to be highly impactful on the battlefield. 

The men (trained by the UK) behind the machine are turning the tables on Russia, experts believe.

Against the backdrop, an article published over a year ago has regained traction on social media. The report highlighted a training mission in which British Royal Marines Commandos compelled US Marine Corps troops, often hailed as the world’s finest, to surrender. 

In 2021, the media covered a story of Royal Marines successfully driving US troops to surrender within days of a training exercise at a vast battleground facility in the California desert.

Close quarter fighting Commando Royal Marines forces during Littoral Response Group Experimentation in Cyprus November 2020 DATE UNKNOWN CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Close-quarter fighting Commando Royal Marines forces during Littoral Response Group Experimentation in Cyprus November 2020 DATE UNKNOWN.

According to the report, the battle exercise aimed to assess the effectiveness of deploying the Littoral Response Group (LRG) in a guerrilla warfare environment. The exercise took place at a specialized facility on the west coast of America, pitting the LRG against well-equipped opponents from the US Marine Corps.

The media reported that during a five-day exercise in the Mojave Desert, which marked the culmination of two months of training, the US Marine Corps requested a “reset” due to the overwhelming dominance of the Royal Marines in the battle.

LRG South, a task group of the Royal Navy based in Oman, is part of a new initiative involving commando forces capable of swift response to global events. In a remarkable display of prowess, LRG South emerged victorious in a five-day operation codenamed “Green Dagger.” 

The operation involved collaboration with allied forces from the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands as they engaged in a simulated battle against the US Marine Corps.

The exercise occurred in three urban areas, with the largest featuring 1,200 purpose-built buildings. The LRG had early success but soon faced pushback from the Marine Corps. 

In response, commandos and their allies executed daring raids behind enemy lines, infiltrating the Marine Corps’ positions, targeting crucial assets vital to their defense, and coordinating attacks.

In a final assault during the conclusion of the exercise, the Allied forces effectively repelled the Marine Corps, resulting in British and Allied forces gaining control over more than two-thirds of the battlefield.

In 2018, Dr. Mark Galeotti, a renowned Russia expert and former consultant for the Foreign Office, recounted a conversation with a retired Russian officer who expressed admiration for Britain’s exceptional light infantry. 

Royal Marines
File Image: Royal Marines

The officer reportedly stated that the British troops had a remarkable ability to swiftly reach their destinations, much to the chagrin of their Russian counterparts.

UK-Led Europe Matches The US In Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has prompted various countries worldwide to assist the Ukrainian military. While the United States has certainly played a role in this endeavor, recent analysis suggests that UK-led Europe has been equally active in supporting Ukraine. 

According to experts cited in the analysis, Europe’s contributions have been more significant than those of the United States in several key aspects. 

For instance, in 2022, the United Kingdom alone trained around 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers, over three times the number trained by the United States. 

ET Analyst says – If Kyiv has withstood the Russian aggression so far, it is due to the sheer quality of training of Ukrainian soldiers, where the UK has played a significant role.

Ukraine soldiers
File Image: Ukraine soldiers

The analysis highlights how the involvement of European countries in providing aid and training to the Ukrainian military has been impressive and impactful. They have emphasized the importance of recognizing the efforts of these countries in helping Ukraine, particularly in the face of ongoing conflict and uncertainty.

Through their field studies, two scholars have revealed a noteworthy trend: European countries have assumed the primary responsibility for hosting and delivering essential combat training to newly recruited Ukrainian soldiers following Russia’s invasion. 

Surprisingly, these training programs have been conducted without direct involvement from the United States.

In a five-week training course, UK-led Operation Interflex has successfully transformed civilians into capable soldiers, equipping them with the necessary skills to confront the Russian military.