New Amnesty Report Laments India & Israel; Ignores Pakistan

new report into the work of Amnesty International by David Collier, commissioned by Jewish Human Rights Watch, claims the NGO is strongly biased against Israel an India while overlooking human rights violations by Pakistan.

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Amnesty International is a London-based NGO that was founded in 1961. Today it claims to be a global movement ‘of over 7 million people’. This makes Amnesty International the world’s largest grassroots human rights organisation. 

Amnesty was created to avoid the ‘revolutionist’ stigma that was often attached to the type of causes it wished to tackle. Amnesty’s founders realised that human rights struggles often stumbled blindly in the political extremes. They sought to form an apolitical group that maximised its impact by crossing party lines.

“Targets are not chosen for their actions, but rather for their identity,” writes Collier. “Persecuted Christians are blatantly ignored.”

After analysing a plethora of social media accounts maintained by the NGO and people who work for it Collier assumes that the amount of hatred Israel receives is beyond any symmetry, to a level that is, he says, antisemitic.

This hate is not limited to Israel. India also gets called out more than most other nations for so-called human rights violations – much more than Pakistan which has been a hotbed for terrorism and minority persecution.

An Amnesty consultant posted an image of Islamic Jihad terrorists labelling them “heroes,” and an Amnesty manager suggested Gaza factions not claim killed members as their own to lead Western media into thinking they were innocent bystanders.

On their social media accounts, Amnesty workers call to destroy Israel and heap abuse on it. Noting that in 1998 Amnesty International used images of Israeli singer Dana International to promote LGBTQ+ rights, International is a trans-woman, Collier argues that would not be possible today as the NGO had been overtaken by hatred to all things Israel

Due to the prestige of Amnesty International, biased and hate-driven lies about Israel are accepted as honest reports and are presented to decision-makers around the world, Collier claims.

Via: JPost

Amnesty International did not respond to questions from The Jerusalem Post at the time of this publication.