NATO Fighter-Jets Bomb Afghan Army and Spares the Taliban?

In an unfortunate incident in the Afghanistan War, NATO aircraft mistakenly killed Afghan police officers in air raids. The Afghan forces were battling the Taliban in the Logar province of Eastern Afghanistan when they called for assistance from NATO. NATO’s jets goofed up and ended up bombing two police checkpoints claiming lives of about 15 policemen and injuring several others. 

As reported by PressTV, Nasrat Rahimi, the spokesman of the interior ministry confirmed the incident which took place on Tuesday. As many as nine police officers were killed in the bombardment by the NATO fighter jets on the Azra district in the Logar province of Eastern Afghanistan. Rahimi said that the Afghan forces themselves called for air assistance but unfortunately the fighter jets ended up bombing the Afghan cops.

The NATO mission clarified that the air strikes were conducted to assist the Afghan forces on their request. NATO stated that the air strikes were to defend the Afghan forces battling the Taliban.

NATO to Probe the Matter

NATO further clarified that the incident wherein Afghan cops were killed due to air strikes by the NATO jets will be comprehensively probed. Even after 17 years since the US invaded Afghanistan, the fierce battle between the Taliban and Afghan forces assisted by foreign troops continues to hurt peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Even though both the US and Taliban are keen to have a political solution to the ongoing war, the clashes between forces and the Taliban fighters are still on. Reportedly a meeting was held between the Taliban and a US official in Doha to discuss the roadmap of peace to resolve the Afghan issue.

This is not the first time that air strikes by foreign forces in Afghanistan have claimed innocent lives. In July this year, 14 members of a family were killed in an airstrike conducted by US jets.

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