Mystery Over Indian Air Force Jets Flying Over Karachi, Pakistan Solved

Yesterday, twitter was abuzz with rumours of another Indian Air Force strikes akin to Balakot, but this time in Karachi, Pakistan. Some rumour-mongers even said that a Pakistani Air Force’s F-16 fighter jet was missing and had been shot down.

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A twitter user said – “I definitely saw jet planes, live near airport. Whats up,” said Laraib Mohib from Karachi. “There were a lot of fighter jets flying around in Karachi probably,” added Ayesha Zafar, also from Karachi. However, IAF sources have rejected any such activity by its fighter aircraft over Pakistan.

There was no official statement from both the sides, however, a tweet seemed to clam the nerves which read – “Dear @IndiainPakistan, rumours are rife about Indian Air Force incursions into Pakistan-administered Kashmir and the Sindh-Rajasthan sector. Recommend you put out a statement to clarify. Also, recommend that everybody chill and enjoy the week,” tweeted Waj Khan, a former reporter at NBC News.

Meanwhile, reports in Indian News Agency – ANI writes that India is keeping a close eye on the ongoing Pakistan Air Force drills code-named ‘High Mark’ involving its fighter jets. The aerial drills are being held in Pakistan and a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) had been issued by the Pakistan Air Force to inform about its aerial manoeuvres.

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A close watch is being kept on their exercises by the Indian Air Force as the Pakistani jets have been carrying out different exercises including night-time flying by its combat aircraft including Chinese JF-17, F-16s, and Mirage-3s, ANI quoted some sources.

The Pakistani jets have been practising aerial preparedness like countering night-time intrusions or early morning strikes like the Balakot by the Indian Air Force.

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ANI seemed to have answers to the Pakistani netizens who claimed to have spotted Indian Air Force jets in Karachi. The reports claimed that Pakistani jets flew extensively over Karachi city last night in practice missions.

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Earlier also, Pakistan Air Force had started flying night time sorties anticipating a retaliation by Indian Air Force after the death of a Colonel in an encounter in Handwara in Kashmir.

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