My Blood Is Boiling: Qureshi Lambasts Afghan NSA Over Insulting Comments On Pakistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi lambasted the Afghan National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib for his insulting remarks against the country.

Qureshi vociferously said: “If you do not desist from using such language or the accusations you are making against Pakistan, then in the capacity of Foreign Minister of Pakistan, I am saying that no Pakistani will shake hands with you.”

He also said the reason Imran Khan goes to Kabul, the reason General Bajwa goes to Kabul is because we want peace. My blood is boiling over the comments of the Afghanistan NSA.

Qureshi said that Pakistan has paid a heavy price due to extremism and asserted that the country only wants peace and stability in the region.

File:NSA Mohib.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
NSA Hamdullah Mohib – Wikimedia Commons

Earlier, in a speech in eastern Nangarhar province, Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib not only reiterated his criticism against Pakistan but also called the country a “brothel house.”

Mohib added that Pakistani tribes, including Pashtuns and Balochis, were not happy with Pakistan and added that Pashtuns and Balochis are fighting for their rights.

Mohib’s comments came just days before after Pakistan’s powerful Army Chief – General Qamar Bajwa visited Kabul and had a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani.

His comments outraged leaders in Pakistan, who criticized them, saying they “debased all norms of interstate communication.”

A senior Pakistani official told VOA that Islamabad lodged a strong protest with the Afghan side and communicated its “deep resentment” over Mohib’s slanderous remarks.

Pakistan, in response, communicated to the Afghanistan government that they will not hold any communication with NSA Hamdullah Mohib because of his vilifying statements against Islamabad, according to a report by VOA.