Why Did Israeli Spy Agency MOSSAD Protect Iranian Muhajids?

MOSSAD, one of the most feared intelligence agencies of the world has admitted that it protected anti-Iran group in France. The Israeli intelligence agency confirmed that they have protected the Mujahedin of Iran (MKO) (a terror group according to Iran), from being bombed in Paris last month while the MKO was hosting a conference in Paris.

As reported by PressTV, MOSSAD admitted having worked with Belgian, French and German intelligence agencies to fail a bid to bomb the conference held by the MKO in Paris on June 30. As reported by an Israeli website Headshot, MOSSAD busted a cell which had planned the alleged bombing during the MKO conference. MKO is a well-known terror group that is anti-Iranian government by all means.

The report also highlighted the fact that this cell was run by an Iranian diplomat based in Austria. The cell also had two Belgian nationalists and other members in Paris. All the suspects including the wife of the Iranian diplomat were arrested and charged with plotting the deadly attack on the MKO conference in Paris on June 30.

The MKO event went as it was planned and it was attended by some distinct former American, European and Saudi diplomats. This claim now testifies Iran’s cry that Saudi Arabia and Israel has been working with the MKO to topple the government in Iran.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have been accused of funding the MKO group in a bid to destabilise the government in Iran. Iran has also accused the US of wanting to replace the Iranian government by terror organisations like the MKO. The presence of former American diplomats at the MKO conference might be a testament to the same.

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