Mission Suspended After Russian Su-35 Jet ‘Scares Off’ Polish Aircraft Over Black Sea That Lost Control & Altitude

A Russian Su-35 fighter jet intercepted an aircraft of the Polish Border Guard over the Black Sea, Polish border guards said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly said that all flights are carried out in strict accordance with international rules without violating the borders of other nations.

According to the Polish border guards, the scary incident occurred on Friday, May 5, during a patrol flight of the Polish Turbolet L-410 aircraft over the Black Sea during Operation Frontex under the command of Romania in the operational area designated by Romania.

“A twin-engine Russian Su-35 fighter aircraft flew into the operational zone designated by Romania without any radio contact, after which it made aggressive and dangerous maneuvers – three approaches to the Polish aircraft without maintaining a safe distance,” the Polish Border Guard said.

According to reports, as a result of the maneuvers of the Russian fighter jet, the Polish aircraft encountered strong turbulence.

The five-member crew of the Polish aircraft lost control and altitude, the report claimed, adding that after the third approach, the Russian fighter moved away from the Polish aircraft.

Polish border guards said their plane managed to land safely.


“During a patrol flight of a Turbolet L-410 aircraft… during a Frontex [European Border and Coast Guard Agency] operation under the Romanian command… a dangerous incident occurred,” she conveyed, explaining that “a twin-engine Russian SU 35 fighter flew into the operational area” and performed aggressive and dangerous maneuvers – three approaches to the Polish aircraft without safe separation.

The crew of the Polish Turbolet L 410 aircraft has been participating in the Frontex – JO MMO Black Sea 2023 mission since May 2.

Polish Aircraft

According to the latest reports, the Frontex mission has suspended its patrol activities over the Black Sea following this dangerous incident.

The flights were suspended until the Romanian side assured that the activities of the border guards were safe. The Romanians are in command of the operation in the Black Sea. Polish and Romanian services are still investigating the incident.

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